Property funds are not the problem, Central banks and Governments are.

It’s a common misperception that property funds are ‘driving up the prices of housing’, to make this analogy all you need is some housing dysfunction and at least one property fund to purchase anything and it’s game, set and match in the narrative sense.

What’s missing is the ‘why’. Property is an illiquid and immovable asset, if there were liquid movable assets with similar returns any fund manager would be hung for setting out to underperform with property (which has a million vagaries in taxation, upkeep and regulations to…

It’s interesting that an existing 100% waiver on taxation for downsizing isn’t part of the national conversation already.

The relief referred to as ‘PPR relief’ (principle private residence) means you pay no capital gains tax (CGT) when you sell your family home, so if you bought a house for £10,000 in the early 80’s and sold that property for €1,500,000 today your CGT tax bill is zero.

If the government really want to have people downsize then be clear about the objective, it’s about freeing up housing that is otherwise under-occupied.

That the people living in those houses don’t do…

The point of weakness is the point of greatest growth potential

Playing to your strengths comes to most of us intuitively, but how do you play to your weaknesses to improve?

Life tends not to get easier, rather you get tougher and better able to deal with the problems it throws at you.

A key element of getting strong is to pass through the inflection point of greatest weakness, this idea is pervasive in history and covers many truisms from ‘the truth will set you free’ — a call to look at the reality of matters — to ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, again, the idea being that within…


UnderwritingAI — a mortgage and insurance solution for the future

There is a new way of viewing data for the purpose of underwriting.

In the past, an underwriter would receive documents, and they would have to analyze them, check the integrity of the documents and the information in them and come to a determination on whether or not to offer credit or insurance to the applicant, based on the documentation.

Our view is that this method was effective in the documentation age, but in digital it doesn’t work, or rather, it doesn’t work when gauged against the options that now exist — this is in the same sense that travel…

‘Big ideas’ are important — but sometimes the trick is to simply concentrate on your customers continuously and they will actually give you the gains that you are seeking as you build out a solution.

In we build mortgage and insurance solutions for brokers, banks and life companies, while our solution has always started (and always will remain committed to) the consumer journey, our actual paying customers are brokers, banks and insurers.

To serve them you need to make their process better in terms of time saved, cost reduction, feature enrichment and innovative faster fixes.

That’s why our mission…

Chances are you think you’re logical but you are not.

You might think you are rational, pro-tip: you aren’t. Most of us couldn’t make a highly rational choice if we wanted to, here’s an example…

Imagine that when you woke up today that instead of where ever you’d normally sleep, you woke up on the floor of a room with a small pedestal in the middle of it and on top of that there was a red button.

A voice explains that you now have a choice, you can either press the button or declare that you won’t and that each choice comes with a specific outcome.

If you press…

machine learning and DAVV ops
machine learning and DAVV ops
AI, Machine learning and DAVV ops

We all know about ‘dev ops’ but there is also a branch of the business which we refer to in our firm as ‘davv ops’.

This stands for ‘Detection, Authentication, Validation and Verification’ operations and covers the wide ground of dealing with data after it has been received and putting it through the rigors of various systems and examinations in order to test its veracity.

The skillset isn’t typically held by one person, we have it spread across developers, machine learning/AI teams and business development who help to create the human driven requirements which the engineers then seek to fulfill.

Karl Deeter

Mortgagetech CEO, financial analyst and journalist

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